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General Conditions for the use of the site
By accessing this website and / or any of its pages implies acceptance of the terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions set out below, you may not access this site.
Our website provides you with information about the company SC DIA DOXA SRL and its products for general information purposes and does not guarantee their accuracy at any time, although we will try as much as possible to publish all information on the site. exact. The products of SC Dia Doxa Folex SRL are subject to change in order to increase their technical performance. For updated information about products or services, contact us by email or phone.
These General Conditions define the conditions of use of the site by potential visitors or customers. By accessing and browsing this site, you accept the terms of use described below.
SC DIA DOXA FOLEX SRL manages the website
/ and holds complete and full rights over the title and thus all copyrights and patents. All information, products and photos contained in this site are the property of SC DIA DOXA FOLEX SRL, which reserves the right to change the content and / or structure of the site at any time and without any prior information. The entire content of the site is protected by copyright law, all rights reserved. All rights regarding the pages, the content and the presentation of the site are owned by SC DIA DOXA FOLEX SRL It is
It is forbidden to copy, modify, display, distribute, transmit, publish, market, license, create derivative works or use the content of the site for any purpose without written confirmation from BIOBUILDS SRL, except for the distribution of content on social networks and media publications.

All information presented on the site regarding the products, prices, information, marketing campaigns and promotions, technical aspects, are presented for information purposes and are subject to subsequent changes. Nothing in the content of the site can constitute a firm offer to contract and not
may engage the liability of SC DIA DOXA FOLEX S.RL.  in the absence of further agreements. The content of the web page, of the information and of other materials presented on this website does not represent a legal consultation in the sense of Law no. 51/1995.

SC DIA DOXA FOLEX SRL makes no representations, promises or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of this content, the guidelines and the consultancy, does not assume any obligation of result or diligence towards any person, expressly excludes and disclaims any responsibility for any costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of using the content of the website. Anyone wishing to purchase one of the services or products presented on the site is asked to contact SC DIA DOXA FOLEX  S.RL through one of the means displayed on the site, to inform both on the availability the service or product in question as well as the contractual conditions, tariffs and technical or other information.


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