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centrale termice pe lemne, cazane pe lemne, rumegus, biomasa, baloti de paie, centrale cu gazeificare

Wood, sawdust, straw, biomass boilers

Price list for  straw bale boilers


Tip (+capacitate buncăr)

Preț fără TVA

300 KW (1 balot de paie)

18.000 EUR 

500 KW (1 balot de paie)

20.000 EUR

800 KW (1 balot de paie)

28.000 EUR

800 KW (2 baloți de paie simultan)

34.000 EUR

1000 KW (2 baloți de paie simultan)

1500 KW (2 baloți de paie simultan)

2000 KW (2 baloți de paie simultan)

36.000 EUR

44.000 EUR 

54.000 EUR

centrala folex, centrala termica pe lemne, centrala pe lemne, cazan pe lemn, rumegus, biomasa, paie

ECOS-RLG 30-800 KW biomass gasification boilers 













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Technical specifications

Our wood, sawdust, straw boilers have been on the market for 25 years with excellent results 

 ECOS RLG solid fuel ovens (30… 800 KW) are intended for the production of thermal agent (hot water) at a maximum temperature of 850C and domestic hot water at a maximum of 650C (if connected
to a boiler).


They can serve a wide range of buildings such as houses, cottages, hotels, pensions, motels, schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, commercial and production spaces, dryers, timber warehouses etc.

The installation, connection and repair of the oven will be done by qualified personnel in compliance with the instructions of the technical book; In case of improper operation of the boiler, it is recommended to stop immediately in order to troubleshoot. Contact us if you encounter difficulties!


The manufacturer provides service (by contract or upon request) and recommends the annual verification of the boiler, by specialized personnel, in order to guarantee its efficiency and correct handling;

In case of damage to some components of the oven, only original parts will be used for replacement.   


For the use of spare parts other than those recommended by the designer, its written consent is necessary.


This boiler will be used only for the purpose for which it was built. Any other use will be considered improper and therefore dangerous; The manufacturing company has no contractual or non-contractual liability for damages caused by errors of use and non-compliance with the instructions provided in the TECHNICAL BOOK.

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Looking for a way to store the thermal energy generated by a boiler? You can build a heat storage unit with out modular elements

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