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acumulator termic, stocator de caldura, frig, stocator termic, acumulare energie termica

Thermal accumulators 

acumulator termic, acumulator caldure, frig, stocator caldura pentru sere, ferme agricole

A heat storage tank is a reservoir in which the thermal agent (water, antifreeze, ice) accumulates and which releases it when needed. A puffer is indispensable when you want to render the heating system of a building or a greenhouse more efficient.

Examples of use are balancing energy demand between day and night, storing thermal energy accumulated in summer for heating in winter or storing cold accumulated in winter for air conditioning in summer. 

Un stocator de căldură este un rezervor în care se acumulează agentul termic (apă, antigel, gheață) și care îl eliberează atunci când este nevoie. Un puffer este indispensabil atunci când dorești să eficientizezi sistemul de încălzire al unei clădiri.

Exemple de utilizare sunt echilibrarea cererii de energie între zi și noapte, stocarea căldurii acumulată vară pentru încălzirea pe timpul iernii sau stocarea frigului acumulat iarna pentru aer condiționat vara. 

acumulator caldura, frig, acumulare energie termica, stocare caldura, frig

Thermal energy stores can significantly contribute to meeting society's energy use needs in a way that is efficient and environmentally friendly. The storage unit plays an important role in energy conservation and can generate fuel savings. 

Interest in renewable energy has increased due to the challenges posed by global warming. Efforts are being made worldwide for the exploitation of renewable energy sources. However, renewable energy fluctuates and so with increased renewable energy production comes an increased need for energy storage to ensure the availability of clean energy when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining. Heat/cold storage can help with this as well.


Prices for our thermal storage units




not including TVA

 30 mc storage tank

18.000 EUR 

40 mc storage tank

22.000 EUR

75 mc storage tank

35.000 EUR

Heat / cold storage units made of modular elements of closed cell polyurethane PUR-ICF, manufactured by DIA DOXA FOLEX SRL, are underground (recommended) or above ground cylindrical constructions iwhich contain water / antifreeze or ice in which thermal energy accumulates (heat or cold) intended for heating / cooling (air conditioning) of homes.

PUR-ICF closed cell polyurethane modular elements are the materials offering the best thermal insulation on the market and come in the form of cylindrical sectors with a thickness of 400 mm, a height of 600 mm and an axial length of 1200 mm, having inside a network of vertical and oblique channels in which the reinforcement is mounted and the concrete is poured. Once the installation in complete, the reinforcements are positioned and the concrete is poured in the network of channels, the resistance structure of reinforced and lattice columns results, thus obtaining a monolithic construction. The fact that the concrete fills the structure both vertically and obliquely lends the structure with increased resistance, giving it special durability and resistance to external factors, respectively to wind action, vibrations and earthquakes, all complemented by exceptional thermal insulation of the modular PUR-ICF elements.
         The capacity of heat / cold storage units is between 10 m3 and 600 m3, depending on the amount of heat or cold storage needed.


  Building process 

   1. Pour the foundation and reinforced concrete slab at the bottom (storage base)
   2. Mount the PUR-ICF belt elements resulting in a reinforced (lower) ring and mount the polyurethane plates at the base of the storage tank over which the reinforcement is mounted



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