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It all started in 2005, when the inventor Laurențiu Breaz wanted a house that he could build in a very short time, with minimal effort, with a high level of thermal insulation, sound insulation and as safe as possible for him and his family.

With experience in the field, he wanted to research, develop and produce insulating modular polyurethane elements. They are an innovation in the field of construction materials, being the first of its kind in the world.


Extreme thermal insulation and soundproofing

Reliability and earthquake resistance

Non-polluting construction

Fire protection

Affordable price

case nzeb romania, case pasive, zero energie, casa nzeb

You can build civil buildings (houses, blocks of flats), industrial buildings (warehouses, halls), swimming pools and heat accumulators, isothermal vegetable and fruit warehouses, etc ..

By cladding the walls made of modular elements with various plates (magnesium oxide, gypsum board, etc.), the construction is automatically adapted according to the field of use.

We also manufacture central heating (ovens/boilers) suitable for large buildings, farms, or schools. Our ovens run on wooden fuel, pellets, sawdust or straw bale. Learn more about our offer!

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